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Traditional agency recruiters have failed doctors.

We put locum doctors first.

Easy to find jobs

Life is too short for sorting through locum vacancies, that’s why we created a platform to notify you of vacancies based on your preferences. Our process will save you hours so you can focus on what matters.

Earn more with Doqtorific

Doqtorific shares 25% of our agency commission with doctors which means that you can earn more by working with us. Cash bonuses are also offered if you recommend your colleagues to Doqtorific.

Rapid application process

The onboarding forms you submit with Doqtorific are accepted at all our partnered hospitals. Gone are the days that you fill out the same application form twice. We allow you to rapidly apply for and accept locum shifts.

Built with purpose

Many recruitment agencies squeeze very high commission rates from hospitals.  This is a unnecessary financial drain on hospitals, so we built a platform that is cheaper for hospitals and rewards hardworking doctors.

How we compare to recruitment agencies

Cut out the middle man and let data and technology simplify the locum medical recruitment process. Our algorithms will match you to your preferred locum vacancies and our platform will take care of all your paperwork. This allows us to charge hospitals less commission and also enables us share 25% of our commission with you. Everyone wins with Doqtorific.

Agency Recruiters

❌Hidden fees and margins

❌No rewards for your hard work

❌Lengthy hiring process

❌Waiting for agency open hours

❌Must complete countless documents every time

❌Broad alerts about vacant locum jobs

❌Pushes you to work jobs paying them higher fees

❌Favouritism of other locum doctors

❌Inconsistent candidate quality

✅ Transparent and consistent pricing

✅ Earn a further 25% share of Doqtorific's commission

✅ Locum jobs filled in hours

✅ 24/7 access to locum job vacancies

✅ Only register once and be eligible to work for any hospital

✅ Personalised locum job alerts based on your preferences

✅ Choose to complete locum jobs that you want

✅ Unbiased and transparent hiring process

✅ Quality candidates guaranteed every time

How much more can you earn with Doqtorific?

Traditional earnings

Doqtorific Earnings

Earn $22,308 more with us.

Share in 25% of Doqtorific's commission

All hospitals advertise the same rates to agencies and no agency gets a “special deal”. Therefore by sharing 25% of our commission with you, you are always guaranteed to earn higher by choosing to locum with Doqtorific.

Calculations are pre-tax based on $130 p/h, working equivalent FTE.

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