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More than a traditional locum agency, Doqtorific also operates a locum app and marketplace for medical locum jobs.

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The Current State of Play

The current healthcare rostering system is putting doctors at higher/significant risk of fatigue. The Australian Medical Association found that 53% of doctors are working longer hours, longer shifts, more days on call, less days off and skipping meal breaks. Hospitals need more doctors.

What is Doqtorific?

Doqtorific operates a locum app and online market-place for medical locum jobs. Medical doctors can search for work, manage relevant paperwork and more. Hospitals post jobs they need filled. Doqtorific, via the app, handles the entire process. No mess and online.

What We Do


We save hospitals significant time when searching for locum medical doctors by making the process online, transparent and efficient.


We vet all medical doctors that join our network. We keep abreast of their working credentials, qualifications and work experience.


Not only are our commissions much lower, our technology enhanced process allows us to provides 10x more value than any traditional agency ever could.

How It Works

For Locum Medical Doctors


Set up an account and tell us your working preferences – location, specialty, availability and and required pay.


Upload all the required documents so we can easily verify you. As you get accepted for locum jobs we pass your documents onto our hospital partners.


Accept or decline invited locum jobs or request to book a locum job. Work the locum job and get paid.

How It Works

For Hospitals


Create an account and post a job for free.


Wait for locum medical doctors to accept the job or request doctors to view your job.


Hire the locum doctor and pay them once the locum job is complete.

Locum jobs made terrific