Awesome reasons to consider being a locum doctor

Awesome reasons to consider being a locum doctor

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  • On August 1, 2018
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With the proliferation of Locum medical agencies, and the like, you may be wondering why so many choose to be Locum doctors. This is actually not too surprising as being a Locum doctor has many positive benefits and attributes that help make being a Locum doctor a thriving and growing career field.

A Locum doctor is a doctor who fills in for the short term for other medical staff and professionals. The Locum doctor could have a temporary assignment as short as a few days or as long as several months. Hospitals and medical clinics look for Locum doctors on a regular basis. Perhaps their full-time staff doctor is on vacation, taking time off for family or their own medical leave, or a hospital may be in-between physicians while they’re in the hiring process after one or more have retired. No matter what the reason is, hospitals and other medical facilities need Locum doctors on a very consistent basis. Being a Locum doctor has several major positive attributes, so let’s look at why somebody would become a Locum doctor or use a Locum app to find work.


Extra money

One of the great parts about being a Locum doctor is it allows you to be able to fill in your own spare time. Even if you work part-time or full-time, you might find yourself with days or holidays that you would rather be working as opposed to taking off. Using a Locum app or a Locum medical agency will help you find work for those hours. This turns time that was previously unproductive or even lost time to being financially profitable by helping you fill up spare days with temporary assignments.

Savvy doctors may even take a two-day assignment in an area where they intend to go for a vacation letting their vacation pay for itself. Sometimes they can pay even higher wages than normal due to a desperate hospital needing to fill a void quickly. If somebody takes leave for their own medical reasons or a family emergency, a hospital or clinic may be short-staffed and willing to pay a higher than average doctor rate to fill the position quickly.



One of the other fantastic selling points of a Locum app like Doqtorific is the immense flexibility you get as a part of it. As a Locum doctor, you can choose to either accept or reject any job available to you. You are under no obligation to automatically take any job handed to you. This gives you a far greater amount of flexibility in allowing you to choose things that you want to do. This flexibility can also help build your professional career as well as it can allow you to focus on either specialties or kinds of work where you would like to get more familiar.

Perhaps it’s something you have not done since medical school and need some brushing up on. Taking a position for a few weeks not only helps fill a local need from a hospital but can also be a great way to keep and retain your important medical skills. This flexibility and versatility puts you in the driver’s seat of the kinds of work and jobs you would like to do. Giving you the power to choose is an essential part of all successful Locum apps like Doqtorific.



If you are a new doctor or simply new to an area, then using apps like Doqtorific and other Locum medical agency programs is a fantastic way of networking with different individual hospitals and hospital administrators with whom you may like to work. This has several benefits; if you moved to a new area it allows you to be able to meet some of the local medical staff and visit the hospitals before you even begin your own personal job applications.

Not only this but it also gives you a huge boost as you are making personal connections with these hospitals and clinics which regularly leads to full-time employment. Being able to scout out different hospitals and notice the ones you like, and evaluate the places that seem to have workers and staff who enjoy their work and enjoy their colleagues are all great things that you will never see if you are simply filling out job applications online. Serving as a Locum doctor thus has the two-fold benefit of not only helping you find better jobs but also making you more competitive for them once found while simultaneously earning you money for the work completed.

Being a Locum doctor with Doqtorific and other Locum apps gives you extra money, a chance for networking with individuals, and ultimately helping advance your professional medical career.


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