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Doqtorific is a free platform to find great locum job opportunities across Australia. We do everything digitally, eliminating all paperwork, phone calls and emails related to hiring. Skip job boards and archaic medical locum agencies in Australia with our technology.

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Help short-staffed hospitals. Find flexible locum jobs at hospitals that need you!

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Get paid a premium and earn supplemental income when and where you want, all from an app!

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Focus on your patients and your clinical experience. Doqtorific takes care of the rest.

How It Works

For Locum Medical Doctors


Set up an account and tell us your working preferences – location, specialty, availability and and required pay.


Upload all the required documents so we can easily verify you. As you get accepted for locum jobs we pass your details onto our hospital partners.


Accept or decline invited locum jobs or request to book a locum job. Work the locum job and get paid.

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How is Doqtorific different?

Doqtorific is an app where you can find locum doctor jobs for free. Dr. Locum agency is different because we are the first platform to automate and digitise the locum recruitment process. Technological efficiency allows us to charge much less than traditional agencies. Time will tell, but we hope hospitals see this benefit and give Doqtorific more GP locum jobs in Australia, thereby giving our doctors more choice and flexibility with locum job opportunities.

What is a medical locum job?

A locum doctor is a doctor who works in the place of the regular doctor when that doctor is absent, or when a hospital/practice is short-staffed. These medical jobs are called locum jobs. Due to Australia’s large land area and relatively small population, many regional hospitals rely on locum doctors to full-fill there short term staffing needs.

What are the benefits of doing locum work?

Doctors accept locum jobs for many reasons , including:

  • Supplemental Income — earn extra, premium income on the side.
  • Freedom and Flexibility — work wherever and whenever you want
  • Travel and Experience — learn from different practices across the nation
  • Life Changes — work around your family, retirement or study needs.
  • Aid to Underserved — help those in need in understaffed rural areas or city hospitals with immediate needs.

Do I need to make any commitment?

Nope. Doqtorific is is all about independence. Work as much or as little as you like.

How do I get paid?

As per state law government hospitals will pay you directly when you complete a locum job. For private practices all your payments are directly deposited into your bank account. Everything is electronic and automatic.

What is the average pay?

Pay rates are given for each Doqtorific job upon login, and are usually negotiable with hospitals. Generally locum medical professionals can expect to make 30-50% more than a permanent position. For regional locum work travel, accommodation and car hire is also covered by the hospital.

Do I have to apply separately for every locum job?

Nope. That is the beauty of Doqtorific. Register with us once, supplying all required documentation and we share it with hospitals as you accept locum jobs. In very rare cases we may ask you to sign more documents and even those will be done online via our app.

Is there a cost to use Doqtorific?

Doqtorific is completely free for doctors.

Will my profile be visible to the public?

No. We take your privacy very seriously. Only Doqtorific verified employers will be able to see your information. Additionally they can only access your profile and screening documentation when you accept a locum job.

So, how do I get started?

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