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Fill Locum Job Vacancies Quickly

Doqtorific is free for hospitals and private practices. You only pay us when you hire doctors, and they complete their locum positions in Australia. This means you get:

Free Job Posting

Post as many locum jobs as you need for free. Doqtorific will automatically categorise your job request and match you to the right doctor that is immediately available. No fuss.

Free Doctor Access

Access profiles of all our verified locum doctors directly online – not through an agency. Doqtorific stores all the hiring paperwork. Just download them from the profile as required.

Cost Effective

Doqtorific is up to 5x more cheaper than traditional agencies. Use the cost savings to reinvest back in the hospital or hire top talent.

How It Works

For Hospitals


Create an account and post a job for free.


Wait for medical doctors to accept the locum job or request doctors to view your locum vacancies.


Hire the doctor and pay them once the locum job is complete.

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How much does it cost to use Doqtorific?

Doqtorific is free for hospitals and private practices. You only pay us when you hire doctors and they complete their locum job. This means you get:

  • Free unlimited job posting
  • Free access to our doctor database

When you’re ready to hire a doctor, Doqtorific charges commissions up to 5x lower than agency recruiters. Talk to us today about your locum recruitment needs.

What type of  locum jobs can I post?

On Doqtorific, it’s free to post all types of locum jobs for doctors. Doqtorific is locum agency in Australia that gathers an extensive database of active locum doctors of all specialty types spread throughout Australia. Our clinicians are actively looking for locum job opportunities, so all roles are welcome.

Does Doqtorific do background screening on candidates?

Yes. Doqtorific offers complimentary background and screening for candidates and automates the credentialing process. Our screening process is detailed and includes:

  • referee checks appropriate to the position.
  • registereed with the Medical Board of Australia
  • holds appropriate visa to work in Australia
  • undergone a 100 point identity check
  • completed an Employment Health Assessment
  • passes the Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • a National Criminal Record Check
  • medical screening and vaccination as per hospital policies

Doqtorific stores all the screening paperwork and can be found on the doctors profile. Just download them from the profile as required.

Is Doqtorific more work than using a medical locum agency?

Nope! Doqtorific is a more simple and easy way to hire. Our digital platform helps save you substantial time by eliminating all paperwork, phone calls, and faxes related to hiring — all of which is standard when working with traditional locum agencies. We automate the matching of doctors to your locum jobs using technology, which means you save a lot of time when filling locum vacancies.

Ok, can I see a demo?

So, how do I sign my hospital up?

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