Is there a general practitioner (GP) shortage in Australia?

Is there a general practitioner (GP) shortage in Australia?

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  • On July 15, 2018
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Finding a general practitioner is becoming more difficult for Australians. This seems odd given the fact that the total number of doctors has continued to rise, so why is there this disparity? The real reason lies twofold; one is that the population of Australia is continuing to age. After the end of World War II, the Baby Boomers generation was born and a huge influx to Australia’s population began for the next few decades. However, many of these individuals born during the baby boomer generation are now beginning to retire themselves and need more medical care than they did previously. This is causing a strain on healthcare networks.

Often times before anybody gets an opportunity to even visit a specialist they must first visit a general practitioner. So an aging population more in need of general practitioners is now finding it difficult to find a local one. Even with Locum doctors or a Locum medical agency and even Locum apps working to help assist in bridging the gap, it can still sometimes be difficult for people to find a GP when they need one.

One of the other major issues facing Australians in regards to the shortage is the fact that although the total number of doctors is growing, they are not growing in the correct fields. Most doctors attempt to become specialists within a given field and not go into general practice. This is causing a significant gap where there are more specialists than general practitioners, even though everyone must first go through their general practitioner before they can visit a specialist. Young professionals entering the medical field oftentimes seek to become specialists either because it is an area of particular interest to them or with the hopes of being able to make more money as a specialist doctor than as a general practitioner.

These tendencies have led to an important gap in Australia’s medical coverage, one that has only become increasingly troublesome with time as the Baby Boomers continue to retire and need more and more medical attention yet with fewer and fewer general practitioners available for them. This means the Australian medical community is heading towards a tipping point.

Utilising Locum apps or Locum doctors is likely to be increasingly important to maintaining the high standard of health care that Australians have come to expect. These can be particularly helpful in areas that are often short of general practitioners, especially in remote areas of the Outback. Oftentimes Outback hospitals and clinics have to wait months and months before finding qualified or suitable applicants to be a general practitioner. This causes serious problems for individuals who are in need of medical care but find it difficult to come by. The ruralness of the Outback makes these Locum doctors and the Locum medical agency even more important as it helps fill the gaps in staffing.

Although the shortage is likely to continue to grow with time unless more medical students seek to become general practitioners, there are some programs and groups designed to help solve this crisis and one of the best available is Doqtorific. Doqtorific is an online application program that helps to place locum doctors with short-term work at different hospitals. So if you are a retiring doctor or just have your credentialing this can be an excellent opportunity to travel around as well as find hospitals and areas that you may like to settle down in and serve permanently. And, Doqtorific can help place short-term doctors at areas throughout Australia. This can also be nice if you’re a practitioner who enjoys travel and getting to visit different parts of the country. With Doqtorific, not only can you have reliable short-term work but you can also help assist in filling the shortage gap that is frustrating Australia’s healthcare system.

With groups and apps like Doqtorific, and more people seeking to get their general practitioners licences, Australia’s high quality of medical care can be maintained. This is true not only for those in the big cities but also for those who are more rural. Locum doctors and Locum medical agencies are important parts of preserving Australia’s healthcare system and preserve the dignity and welfare of its aging population.


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