Must have mobile apps for doctors

Must have mobile apps for doctors

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  • On October 1, 2018
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Working as a doctor can be incredibly stressful and difficult. In addition to trying to juggle a highly competitive and incredibly important career, it can also be difficult to find time for yourself and your own needs. However, there are many apps out there that are designed to both help you in your professional capacity, and in your private capacity, to become a better doctor. So what are some of the most important apps specifically for doctors to have and use?


Pocket is a reading app that allows you to sort articles and other blogs online for future reading. Being able to have quickly saved all of your online reading material, blogs, or journals is a great way of helping keep yourself straight. In addition to being able to sort and categorise, Pocket also has additional benefits like being able to turn almost any article or written work into audio so it can be listened to. This is important as so often doctors rarely find themselves with the time to sit down and read but being able to listen to an article while you drive or sort files can help make tedious tasks more interesting and can help you in a professional capacity as you are able to learn while you listen. All in all, Pocket is an excellent resource for doctors who do extensive reading online.



Another must-have application for doctors is to have the Doqtorific app. Doqtorific is great way of being able to help manage your professional career. If you are thinking about moving to a new area and want to work in some other medical facilities or you simply wanted to generate yourself a little extra income while on a working vacation, then Doqtorific is fantastic way of being able to simply and easily secure employment all over the country. No matter where you want to go and no matter what kind of specialties you want to do, Doqtorific can help improve your skills, increase desire for travel, and generate more income.



The purpose of applications like Headspace and others is to assist the most important patient, yourself. Doctors who become confused, foggy, or simply fatigued mentally are going to be less effective than doctors who have taken the time to relax, meditate for a few moments, and spend some time focusing on their own mental well-being. Even spending just a few minutes focusing on your own mental state can help keep your mind sharp and your skills primed. Applications like Headspace are designed to help facilitate this restful introspective process.



As any doctor knows, whether they serve as a Locum doctor or a full-time doctor, tasks have a strange ability to pop up, often times out of nowhere. Having a built-in application into your phone to help manage the different tasks that you have to do as well as keep them straight, set alarms for you, ping reminders, and ensure each step of the way is completed is a great way to make sure that you are getting everything done you can on any given day. It can also be easy to forget less desirable or less pressing matters until they are already right upon you; however, with applications like Asana and other management software, you can help ensure that you get all your work done at the highest levels.


Figure 1

Figure 1 is a brilliant medical app exclusively for doctors. Only those working in a certified healthcare field are allowed access or the ability to contribute. Figure 1 is a huge online repository forum for images. With the assistance of Figure 1, you can share unusual or strange medical pictures or imagery with others in the medical community and seek out others’ professional advice. This gives you the unparalleled access of potentially thousands or hundreds of thousands of highly qualified medical opinions on whatever maybe stumping you. Because of the nature of the program and the restricted access, Figure 1 also does not run afoul of Privacy Principles requirements.

With the help of these apps and others, any doctor will be well on their way to enhancing their professional and personal wellbeing.


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