There are non-financial reasons to be a locum doctor

There are non-financial reasons to be a locum doctor

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  • On August 15, 2018
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It can be easy to get caught up in the idea that utilising a Locum app like Doqtorific or being a Locum doctor is purely about the money. However, this is a total misunderstanding of all of the other non-monetary benefits of being a Locum doctor. If you have plenty of resources and savings then the money may not be the biggest driving factor for you, but there are still plenty of other reasons to consider utilising a digital locum medical agency like Doqtorfic and becoming a Locum doctor. So what are some of these non-monetary benefits and how can they help advance your medical career?


Retaining skills

One thing that is often overlooked, especially by doctors who have been working for several years, is that many of their skills may tend to fade overtime if not utilised on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve been a general practitioner for so long you have started to forget through lack of use many of the procedures and techniques you used and learned in medical school. This is important as the needs of a doctor may fluctuate and being ready and able to assist in any circumstance is a vital part of medical professionalism.

Another part is more selfish and that is simply that you spent a lot of money to acquire that degree and allowing skills to go unused for so long that you no longer retain them can be a huge disadvantage in your profession, particularly if you are hoping to advance. This is where being a Locum doctor can be especially useful as working as a Locum doctor will allow you to find places and specialties that can help you retain and relearn many of your lost or atrophied medical skills. Spending a few weeks delivering babies, doing general practice, or performing specialty work are all great ways of not only helping you remember what you’ve learned but continuing to help keep you at peak performance.



Another thing overlooked by doctors, especially those who have been in the same practice for many years, is forgetting about all the effort that went into those early days as you began obtaining referrals, networking at a local hospital, and learning all the ins and outs. That self-reliance is often a forging time for young doctors as they become more confident in their skills. However, if you’ve been in the same place working with the same people and doing the same routine for too many years, these kinds of skills can start to wear away and even become stale. This is where the importance of working as a Locum doctor can come into play because working for a time in a new location can be a huge technique building opportunity. It will allow you to relearn that self-reliance that you had in the early days.

Learning how to re-network, how to work with different people from different backgrounds, and where and who to refer things to can help improve your interpersonal skills both with clients and with all the hospital staff you work with. Relearning self-reliance is an essential part in a career that is moving onwards and upwards. These types of skills will be invaluable if you ever get promoted, transferred to a more prestigious position, or manage to achieve that dream job you have been seeking and will help put you ahead of your peers.


Giving back

If you are a doctor who has attained the income and savings you need but still find something is lacking after your years of service, perhaps it is time to consider becoming a Locum doctor to simply give back. Although your own hospital or medical agency is happy to have you there, there are many places throughout Australia that oftentimes lack individuals just like you and the critical services and skills you offer. People may wait weeks or months for a qualified Locum doctor like you to come and help treat them.

Rural areas oftentimes suffer to a greater degree than urban settings and being able to serve as a Locum doctor allows you to help these communities that are most in need and so often overlooked. While a person in a city may have a choice of several doctors from whom to choose, individuals in a rural community may have to wait for one doctor to join the hospital temporarily through a Locum agency. This allows you to have the kind of medical impact in people’s lives that true-hearted physicians have always strived for.

With these benefits and more, it is little wonder that even if you do not need additional revenue many doctors throughout Australia continue to work as Locum doctors through Doqtorific and other Locum medical agencies.


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