Why Did We Establish Doqtorific?

Why Did We Establish Doqtorific?

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  • On July 1, 2018
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There a few careers that provide true purpose and value like medicine. Medicine is a noble profession, one that seeks to not plunder the world, but to heal it. But over the years, as healthcare has become more advanced and integrated, so has the processes, paperwork and compliance, which ultimately has come between doctors and patients. Further more in Australia, a growing population on a sparce continent has put a lot of strain on hospital resources. The need for great doctors has grown rapidly, leaving every facility from the largest hospital to smallest regional clinic struggling to find qualified staff.

This is why Doqtorific was born. Doqtorific aims to eliminate the current chaotic and paper heavy healthcare staffing system with a simple and clean platform that works.

With Doqtorific doctors can go back to focusing on what they do best: caring for patients. And hospitals and clinics can quickly fill time critical positions so they can continue serving there communities.

Welcome to Doqtorific. Made with love (and coffee) in Sydney, Australia.

Nikhil (Nik) Sreedhar
Founder & Director


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