Why more doctors are choosing the locum career path?

Why more doctors are choosing the locum career path?

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  • On September 30, 2018
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You may have heard of Locum doctors but are unfamiliar with the ins and outs or the myriad of benefits available to these doctors for hire. These substitute Locum doctors are oftentimes the backbone of the medical industry, filling important needs all over the country – sometimes on short notice while simultaneously obtaining new levels of experience and skill. So what are some of the best reasons for being a Locum doctor?



Let’s start off with one of the most important reasons and that is simply additional income. Working as a Locum doctor gives you an additional stream of money. This is especially important if you are taking a leave of absence for personal reasons or simply wanting to go back to school yourself and complete more education. Working as a Locum doctor allows you to be able to have a far more flexible schedule while simultaneously continuing to earn money with your expertise. You can even schedule yourself at times when you might be off as a part of the normal consequence of your job such as 1 or 2 days a week. Working in this manner allows you to be able to generate far more income over the course of a year than you could if you were only working the straight hours assigned to you.



In addition to the revenue, another perk of becoming a Locum doctor is the ability to travel far and wide across the country. Locum doctors often serve in remote and beautiful areas and it can make for a great working vacation. Being able to take your time off deep in the outback or along some pristine beaches in a small isolated community can be a fantastic way of serving and earning while simultaneously enjoying your off hours as you get to explore the culture, landscape, and fine dining of new areas and find your favourites.


Avoiding office drama

A major component of stress for any work is the drama and politics associated with the workplace. By utilising a Locum app like Doqtorific, you can successfully avoid office politics and office drama. This helps ensure that you get to do the thing you love most while simultaneously having less stress by no longer having to worry about people getting promotions over you or jockeying for different positions. As a Locum doctor, you are outside of the internal rat race and are thus freed from the stresses that it can cause.


Testing the waters

If you are brand new doctor fresh out of medical school, you may be still interested in learning exactly what field you want to specialise in or if you would prefer to be a general practitioner. When using apps like Doqtorific to enter the medical field, you get to focus on the kinds of things you would like to specialise in and learn while simultaneously helping to enhance your skills overall. This can even be a benefit for legacy doctors who want to make sure that their skills stay sharp while having the opportunity to learn and refine new skills.


Make new friends

It may sound cliché but if you’re the sort of person who loves people and loves to travel then serving as a Locum doctor is an excellent opportunity for you to make friends all over the country. Finding your new vacation destination is great, especially when you can get paid to go back anytime there is an opening. This allows you to have a wide network of friends which not only will help fulfill emotional needs whenever you are in the medical clinic serving there but can also help in furthering career goals and advancement by extending your existing professional network. Networking and meeting new people are excellent ways of helping advance your future career as that network can open new opportunities that you may have never considered or simply enhance your resume with glowing references.

No matter the reason you choose to be a Locum doctor, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure, fun, money, and professional advancement. With so many benefits, the real question is why haven’t you signed up to be a Locum doctor already? Get started today!


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